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Happiness montage. That moment in a movie when two people are blissful in a relationship and the film maker wants to demonstrate it. It usually happens just before they split up because he or she needs to work through their issues.

The happiness montage is full of images like the couple with sunsets, the couple ice skating/going to the library/taking long walks, spending time indoors, spending time outdoors, cooking, kissing, dancing. You know, THOSE moments.

However, the happiness montage is quickly followed by the UNhappiness montage. Which is where WE know that they are meant to be together, but one or both parties is being pigheaded or needs to sort through their issues. This montage uses images of working late and lonely hours, visiting the places they went together, staring into space.

And then it ends with love and friendship.

But it got me thinking, what is my happiness montage? I think mine would be those perfect moments of:

  • laughing with friends until your belly hurts and you are crying
  • driving at night in summer with the windows down
  • eating ice-cream slowly
  • seeing a beautiful artwork
  • lying in a warm bed with the doona around me on a crisp night
  • wrapping a friend's present and then watching them unwrap it
  • eating cake batter out of the bowl
  • smelling a rose
  • lying in a hammock
  • cooking beautiful food with fresh ingredients
  • seeing the amazing colours of fruits and vegetables at the markets
  • reading a great book without having anything pressing to do

What are your perfect moments?

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