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​Ellen Elizabeth has been part of the journey of Kate, artist and creative director, for many moons.  The desire to create pieces that resonate, that find a home with women who are brave enough to respond to their wild and bold inner self. 

​The artistic side of Kate took a backseat for several years while she built a successful career in marketing and sales.

​The siren call, however, of colour and texture and sequins and being too, too much was too strong.  

The Ellen Elizabeth woman puts on her favourite outfit and smiles.  She celebrates her bold nature through colour, shape and texture. 


All of us have many layers, many experiences that build the depth and breadth of who we are, how we are perceived, how we perceive others.  

​Ellen Elizabeth too will be built upon layers, the long way, the slow fashion way.

​Art, inspired by a moment or a thought, distilling the essence of the idea and translating it into visual poetry for the soul.

​Visual treatments based on this art to add yet more layers.

​Items based on both the art and these visual treatments.

​Developed into fabric and then beaded and embroidered to tell more of the story.

​Accessories and garments bought to life for a place in your life.

​With a focus on slow fashion, sustainable practices and genuine artisanship Ellen Elizabeth pieces will be armour to help you be bold and conquer the world.

​A tactile explosion of colour, shape and embellishment.


You.  Of course.

The women who display their bold style and individuality in a whole outfit and those who understand their individuality can be expressed through just one piece.

Shining is compulsory as women carve out a new place in their worlds. 

Do it for those who can't and show those who won't what they are missing.

​Celebrate your bold.

Look famous. Be legendary. Appear complex. Act easy. Radiate presence. Travel light. Seem a dream. Prove real.


Kate Elizabeth

Arty farty. Rugby lover. Good cook.

Likes raspberries and that intense mustard yellow that most people don't. 

​Kate grew up in Sydney, northern New South Wales and Brisbane.  Graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design she worked as a footwear designer before moving amorphously into marketing.  Her background in both fashion and marketing has seen her put the customer at the centre of her work while also recognising that creativity can be visual practice and problem solving.