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cometh the hour, cometh the (wo)man

I believe that at some point in our lives, and indeed maybe at more than one juncture, that saying is for us.

I think that there are those perfect moments, those perfect situations, that allow everything we are, everything we have learnt and loved and lost, everything we yearn to be, everything we hope for ourselves and our loved ones comes together to allow us that moment: cometh the hour, cometh the (wo)man.

That one moment that is meant for us to do right and show right and be right.

That one moment where our better self is given the chance to shine.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman.

I hope that you experience that moment. More than once. I hope you take comfort from the fact that men and women who have gone before you stood for right and did right in their moment. And that those that come after you will do the same in their moments.

Be proud.

For cometh the hour, cometh the woman.

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