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Several years ago I read a wonderful article about the skills that we should have in this day and age. It was a mixture of quaint and necessary.

Magical talents that I have or want to learn:

  • flipping a pancake
  • making meringues
  • understanding the rules of at least two sports
  • playing poker
  • hosting a dinner party
  • writing a letter of sympathy
  • writing a letter - a lovely newsy one (and emails don't count)
  • going to the cinema alone
  • saying no
  • saying yes
  • growing herbs on your windowsill
  • sewing on a button, and sewing up a hem
  • reading a newspaper daily
  • cooking at least three recipes without looking at a cookbook
  • knowing how much is in your bank account to the nearest ten dollars
  • matching a gift to a person
  • talking with someone older than you
  • talking with someone younger than you
  • spending time alone at home
  • cooking an impressive dessert
  • remembering and recognising birthdays

What else would you add to this list? What magical talents do you have or wish you had?

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