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She takes the lead in situations and understands that sometimes this leadership causes other people to categorise her as bossy.

She is a strategist who figures out the best way to work various parts of her life together so that her plate is full but not tipping. But she knows that sometimes it tips and she has a good cry, has a glass of bubbles and eats great quality dark chocolate.

She is a planner who always knows the best present to get for her friends, has birthday cards ready to go and knows how to make sure her team get out of the office on time more often than now.

She is catalyst, suggesting new ways to approach the situation and handing over her contacts to help those in her life.

She is a coach to her team, helping them progress both personally and professionally.

She is a thinker who recharges by reading books that challenge her and books that give her escape time. She knows who she is because she has invested time in understanding her behaviours.

She is a controller who is financially independent and allocates time and money to the things that secure her and bring her joy.

She is a director who keeps all the parts of her family moving in synchronicity – her husband, her children, their parents.

She is a counsellor for her children, listening to understand while at the same time ready to open a can of whoop-arse on anyone who messes with them.

She is a feminist who calls out misogyny and calls forth other women.

She is a lover of the bold and colourful in life – plants, art, books, accessories, décor.


This isn’t about belonging to everyone, but to her tribe. The one that spots another from 300m away and just knows you are part of them. You might never speak or meet, but you exchange an acknowledgement of being in the same tribe, chasing the same things, expressing the same things.

Aesthetic pleasure and beauty

She makes no bones about the fact that she values beautiful things. Not even traditionally beautiful things, but the things that make her heart sing. She takes pleasure in this and doesn’t really care if you don’t get it or see the same thing. Remember, she belongs to her tribe and you either are in our out!

Sense of identity

She has a strong sense of identity, of individualism, and won’t sacrifice this for anything. She knows who she is and want she is prepared to accept and not accept. She doesn’t really get people who don’t have the same strong sense of who they are.

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