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It's not going to surprise you to see this in my month in review. Honestly, about 70% of the images in my phone are of flowers. And trying to choose just one is too tough. So I went with 2, but it could easily have been 30. It's peony season and look at those extraordinary colour gradations.


This month I only watched one movie, and overall it wasn't great. But let me tell you, you want to see extraordinary tailoring in a movie and swoon at suits and plaids aligning? The King's Man is for you.

It's a total swoon for the fabrics and the colours and the shapes and the tailoring. And there's an epic brown leather jacket Ralph Fiennes wears. The movie's too long, and not a shade on the first one in the franchise, but *fans self*, I love those clothes.


OK, I have a confession to make - watching new things is a stretch for me. I take pleasure in re-walking a known path. My system works a lot on overload, so when I know what's going to happen, when I enjoyed it the first (or fifth) time and when there's an element of nostalgia, that's a good match.

That said, this month I have an old show, and a fresh one to share.


There's a great listicle on The 50 Best TV Pilots of the 21st Century and it's a great prompt to revisit things I haven't seen in a while. So I watched Sherlock last month, and this month have started on Supernatural. All 15 seasons of it. I watched maybe the first 5-6 seasons when it was originally out, but then lost steam. So I've started again. And I still may not make it all the way through. But it's fun and the frisson of unnerve I feel as I walk up the stairs at night keeps it fresh. 

New delight

People collectively are not my jam, but individually they are endlessly fascinating. So I like a show with the feeling it could be real. Telling small stories about people. That doesn't need to confect drama, that recognises the pain and delight of real life has enough drama. And Somebody Somewhere has all the feels. It's simple and meaningful storytelling and I am sure we can all relate to moments in it.


This month I haven't been reading anything fresh, but I continue to devour news. I can't say it's a good news cycle, but figuring out the macro impacts on society, following the politics and the money is so important but it's not always uplifting.

And then sometimes a lovely story floats to the top. How can one not love the story of an 8 year writing his own book and putting it in his local library? And it now has a waitlist. Delighful.


Yep, I know it's usually Outfit of the Day, but I find that approach unsustainable, so let's go for Outfit of the Month. And this month, it's the epicness of the NFL Super Bowl Half Time show with the absolute coolness oozing out of every single one of the stars.

Shoutout to the incomporable Snoop in his trackies and Mary J Blige resplendent in her leopard print mirror ball.

I loved every moment of it and I cannot imagine it will ever be topped.

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