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I don't have a particularly good memory for lines from tv shows, but sometimes the lines are so good I remember them (or cheat and write them down).

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite lines:

Veronica: [smells and shakes envelope] A pony?!

Veronica: I'm so impressed you fit a pony into my room.

Spike: Out. For. A. Walk. Bitch.

Ianto: Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string. Everything, absolutely everything. No phones. Phones all broken. Hello? Anyone there? No. Because the phones aren't working.

Spike: [as Rachel] How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad hunk of a night thing?

Spike: [as Angel] No need, little lady, your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love and a pesky curse defanged me. And now, I'm just a big, fluffy puppy with bad teeth.

[Rachel's about to touch Angel's hair]

Spike: No, not the hair. Never the hair.

Spike: [as Rachel] But there must be some way I can show my appreciation?

Spike: [as Angel] No, helping those in need's my job, and workin' up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough.

Spike: [as Rachel] I understand. I have a nephew who's gay, so...


Spike: [as Angel] Say no more. Evil's still afoot. And I'm almost out of that nancy-boy hair-gel I like so much. Quickly, to the Angel-mobile, away.

Logan: I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me.

Veronica: Epic how?

Logan: Spanning years, and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic!

Dick: Shh! It's not me, it's Wu.

Dick: Put on your dancing shoes, Mars, 'cause tonight we're gonna up-chuck the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie to beat.

Veronica: Up... chuck?

Dick Casablancas: You heard me.

What are some of your favourite lines from TV shows?

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