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The last month has been another slow-ish progress one as I've been waiting on suppliers, doing my research, or doing my sums!

Back into the studio

I've made time this month to head back into the studio to begin a new vignette series, and it's been a hoot. I've had fun with a new colour palette and a new approach to my inspiration and creativity. In fact, so much so, I've already written about how I am deconstructing my inspiration.

Ellen Elizabeth original art inspired by dahlias

It's a nice challenge to look for the essence of something and break apart what it looks like while still holding the feeling as part of the execution.

And I've been using a little gold leaf to add the Ellen Elizabeth special schmatter to the art, not just the accessories! I've forgotten how much I love using gold leaf - it's so fragile and so clever. It shows all the detail of whatever it is applied across, and in this case you can see all the brushstrokes.

Gold leaf spots


I've also started creating a little visual embellishment with tiny paint strokes to mirror bugle beads and the multicolour sparkle and shine I want on garments and accessories. It's imperceptible when you are at a distant from the piece and creates lovely visual texture when up close.

Acrylic on canvas tiny details

Professional photography

I am finalising the fabric prints at the moment, all based on the beautiful professional image captures by a photographer. I'm not going to show you all of them, but the colours almost glow!

I feel like a real artist now 😉

Ellen Elizabeth Original art Spring series


Patterns and samples

I am about to pop the patterns in the mail for my accessories manufacturer today, and allowing for postage time and colour matching time, by this time next month I should have some samples to see!

And I need to make a decision about my garments. The pre-production quotes are back, but have come back between 50-80% more expensive than we were told in the Masterclass (way back in October). That's not an insubstantial price jump and I need to be sensible about how I invest my money in this space. 

Once I make this decision we move to patterns and toiling for the garments. It's a skinny range to start with and I am not sure it should be skinnier. I am loathe to make the range even smaller - either in number of garments or the size range. 

One to ponder over the next week I guess!


- March 2022

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