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I've been thinking this month about how important the process is. I am the first person to admit I like a process. I appreciate the order and the structure. I appreciate you can replicate it, and scale it. I appreciate you can use it as a baseline to improve from. I'm doing lots I've never done before, or I've done but in a different space and industry. A process is a great baseline to start from, particularly when I am playing in a space I'm not used to. At the same time, like many of us, I do love seeing the results! And I admit I'm always a little impatient. The steps I want to skip aren't the big ones, I don't want to rush to the end, but I'd be lying if I didn't want to maybe be a wee bit inefficient in the process! I am in the process of preparing the fabric repeats for my fabric and my scarves and it's a detailed process of taking the high res image capture and ensuring the top and bottom merge seamlessly. Most of the time I create a seamless repeat using vector in Illustrator but because it's a photo of my art it needs to be done in Photoshop. I've got one done but there's still another two to go. And of course, I want to send off the one I have immediately for sampling. But that's really inefficient for my lovely suppliers and will cost me a little bit more with freight. So I am following the process. Because what seems like a shortcut (and suits my impatient nature to see a result quickly!) could lead to a bigger mistake. Sampling the fabric properly, seeing it myself, getting it to my manufacturers for their testing and sampling - the only way out is through. Once the whole first vignette has wrapped, I'll write up a series of blogs unpacking the whole process and my learnings. For now, I am following the process, taking my time and practicing patience.
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