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I am eclectic.

For years I wanted to be an Anna who is cool and stylish (and part of me still wants that) but I am not that way inclined.

I like colour and clashes.

I like discordance and challenge.

I always have too much going on.

I never remove one item as Coco Chanel suggests.

I add one (or two items) that make me just a little too much.

I like big.

I like drape-y.

I like big hair, big earrings and bold lipstick.

I laugh loudly but am not a party person.

I like green.

I don’t like blue.

Except, well, some blues.

That duck egg blue.

And navy.

For the short version, see below:



Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things.
- Jean Cocteau

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