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I love a list. The order one can make in a chaotic mind simply be writing things down, one after the other - usually next to a neat little hand-drawn square - is astounding.

So correspondingly I have many lists. Many books for many lists.

My book of grocery lists makes for very interesting reading. It is from when I first moved out, and even though I was living on my own, I did it in style!

Every week I bought:

  • proscuitto
  • pecorino
  • bocconcini (I think there was a cheese theme!)
  • capsicums for roasting

That was just some of my 'standing order' items. And then when I had people over, I got even more creative!

I had some of my favourite girls over for an afternoon tea and served:

  • chicken sandwiches
  • chilli plum chicken cakes
  • scones
  • madeleines (I remember I had trouble getting them out of the pan)
  • Turkish delight rocky road
  • meringues

Oh! And I just found my menu from a Trivial Pursuit night:

  • homemade guacamole
  • pear, date and cinnamon chutney
  • bruschetta
  • mini pizzas
  • baked beans with Indian flavours (NOT the beans out of a can)
  • baby pavlovas

So as well as having the satisfaction of writing the list, and then ticking things off the list, I also have the wonderful memories the lists evoke.

Note to self: must make more pear, date and cinnamon chutney.

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