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There’s a lovely tradition building for recognising the amazing loves of our lives in February. And no, it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Let’s share the love for Galantine’s Day!

No, I’ve never watched Parks and Rec (where it originated) and please don’t tell me you are surprised … you shouldn’t be.

But a day to celebrate platonic relationships tickles my fancy!

So here’s a shoutout to these people in my life:


These are the people at work who share the moments with you. You know, the moments when you stare directly into the laptop camera at work - without expression - and your work friend is right there alongside you with the vibe. They know what you are thinking about without a text, without a Teams message.

You recognise a kindred work-spirit almost immediately and it’s such a lovely thing to create bonding moments and build rapport and trust with them.

These people say yes when you want to grab a coffee and go for a walk. They know when you have a fab new outfit or new hair. They are happy to share recipes with you and a chat with a work friend can be a fabulous recharge moment.

And the friendship doesn’t have to extend outside work for it to be magic and wonderful and fulfilling. It’s ok for friendship to exist in a particular construct and no further.

To help you celebrate the work-highs and commiserate the work-lows. To be a light and a laugh in your day.


Oooh, I love this group of friends. Some of my closest friends, and my newest friends, are in this category!

They are your work friends with all of the delight above, and then you supercharge it. Take it into the dawn and the twilight and the weekend.

The things bonding you at work are a wonderful shared experience, and these friends recognise spending time outside work can add more layers. If you think back to that first catchup for dinner after work or your first weekend lunch, it was so lovely to talk about all sorts of things. And very little work!

And then over the months and years following, because these people worked alongside you, they have your work-back, and follow your career progression and know your expertise and are a fantastic sounding board.

Of course you are fabulous friends, but the extra soupçon of intimately knowing your work self adds extra fabulous to the friendship.


How good are cousins?! Like siblings but without some of the growing-up-together drama. Like friends, but there’s a little something extra because of the childhood experience.

It’s such a lovely combination.

They know your family so understand the family dynamics. Chances are you’ve loved one another since childhood and they want the absolute best for you.

Friendships and spending time with cousins is a delight.


And look, I appreciate sibling relationships can be difficult. I’m lucky that mine isn’t, mainly because of the quality of my sister!

This is a shoutout to my fab sister and the friendship we’ve built alongside our sibling-ship. Love you sissy-poo.

There’s more friendships than these of course. I have brilliant friends I met in art college. And brilliant friends I met watching their drinking games.

So this month, and on Galantine’s Day, let’s celebrate our fabulous friends.

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