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Wherever I look, there is a wealth of design inspiration. Holding down a day job as well as creating for Ellen Elizabeth means I need to maximise my inspiration.

There are two things I continuously seek as inspiration - colour and shape. While there isn't a colour outlet in the use of stainless steel for Ekcelent and Co, my jewellery label, this material allows me to work with the extraordinary simplicity of shape, the extraordinary complexity of shape.

Sometimes I distil this down to only a few lines - check out the Deco Circle Dot Earrings as an example. The art of working with stainless steel means I look at a shape and try to see the essence of it, behind the shape of it.

And when I am looking for line and shape inspiration, it's great to look at black and white shots - stripping images of their colours allows the shape and the line to come to the fore.

Some of my favourite black and white inspiration.
Black and white graphic stripes on a wall.
The skeleton of coral against a wall.
The marvellous curve of a facade.

What a stunning light fixture.

The stunning geometric shapes of a building facade with the simplicity of corrugated iron.

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