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It has been wonderful the past few weeks with the warmer weather (finally!) - the butterflies have been bursting from their cocoons. Barely a day goes by when I don't see at least half a dozen.

Butterflies have a special meaning to me. Apart from being fabulous, beautiful, crazy creatures, they represent my nan.

My nan passed away when I was in my early twenties. She was an amazing lady and was much loved by me, my mum and my sister. We had wonderful times, even after she had to go into a nursing home. Her body failed, but her mind was sharp and inspiring and encouraging.

The week before she died my mum, my aunt and I spent some time with her - she was funny, in her own little way. She knew that she was moving on, and was saying goodbye to us.

Lots of times.

Hours were filled with goodbyes and challenges to God to take her now and stop drawing it out. And startlingly, at one point, Nan stopped saying goodbye and said hoo-roo.

Just once, but it stuck with us all and gives us a laugh now.

The first time we went back to visit Nan's grave, a butterfly came to visit me. It danced around me and then lit upon me.

So now, everytime I see a butterfly I think it is my Nan, visiting me, saying hi.

Hi Nan! I love you.

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